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About JMOB Creative

JMOB Creative is a dynamic online art gallery that sells original artworks, fine art and photographic prints in national and international markets. The gallery features the artworks of Sydney based artist Jennifer O’Brien and her collaborations with other artists such as MMCC, Amadine V. and Project Kollective Spaces. 

Jennifer O’Brien’s art practice includes installations, photomedia, contemporary drawing and painting. Her artwork covers a broad range of subjects including our fascination with forensic science, female subjectivity through such objects as clothing, domestic cloth and accessories, the environment of an abandoned city asylum and the sometimes humorous and also emotional relationship between dogs and humans. Jennifer’s recent digital photographic work focuses on the city environment and the impact of rapid residential development and infrastructure in the inner-city areas of Sydney. Whilst aesthetically appealing these artworks are simultaneously disrupting our beliefs about our body, architectural spaces, everyday life patterns and how we experience the suffering of others.

JMOB Creative also operates an arts-training unit that delivers extra-curricular art classes in primary schools, as well as adult workshops in warehouse spaces. This arts training unit is called Gardens of the Mind and information about our classes/workshops can be found at Follow our class activities on our  social media  accounts

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Art Studio Caretaker

© Jennifer O'Brien

JMOB Creative Gallery

Original Artworks

These unique artworks include paintings, drawings and a small amount of sculpture primarily created by Jennifer O’Brien and other collaborating artists. The unique blending of digital and analogue art techniques and materials are refreshing in their inquisitive approach to subject matter. JMOB Creative inspires collectors of our art works to look at the world differently.   We always provide a Certificate of Authenticity with purchased artworks.  Buying our artworks provides an opportunity to create an investment nest-egg as a valued supporter of the arts.

High-Quality Giclée Prints of Original Artworks 

These are museum archival quality prints of original artworks suitable for residential and commercial environments. The artworks are digitized and printed by one of the best fine art printing services in Sydney. Some of the prints are available in limited editions. We support you as a collector in expressing your personality and passions. 

Fine Art Photographic Prints

Our Fine Art Photographic prints are high-resolution images printed on high-quality photographic paper. Print sizes range from A4 to AO. We provide this flexibility of size to suit your environment and price range. Large wall prints are available for some of the photographs. These prints can be shipped flat or rolled in a container (depending on paper gsm). This enables our customers to receive their purchase quicker thus reducing the cost of shipping and packaging. Framing can be arranged if needed.

A number of the subjects of these photographic prints express a social comment on our world, the everyday and the social concerns of our community and can provide an icebreaker, a conversation starter for our customers with friends and business associates. 

JMOB Creations  (Coming Late October)

JMOB Creations are uniquely designed affordable collections of images in differing styles, surfaces and sizes released on a bi-monthly basis. These pieces are high quality printed artwork mounted on aluminium.  We suggest a specific display of the artworks on a wall shelf as well as encouraging your own curation. We are keen to encourage collectors to mix and match these prints as an opportunity to display your unique curatorial artistic skills. Some of our future collections will include the artwork of invited artists. Join our mailing list to learn more about this exciting innovative project.

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