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It Began with the Hand

- Drawings by Jennifer O'Brien


These drawings are an extension of a previous series called 'The Neatness of Handling'. they are derived from snapshots of drawings from previous works in the previous series. Using digital processes these snapshots are created into  single digital drawings - a plan for further transformation in the hand drawing process. The work includes the ongoing reworking of marks and lines. The abstracted body parts and gestural movements vary in their intensity, the layering process refers to time periods and locations indicating that under the neatness of systems (political and social) there is always turbulence and upheaval. By using abstracted anatomical hand drawings and the resulting traces /marks of our own individual touch, we cannot deny our responsibility/accountability to the overall handling of differing social systems.

It began with the Hand 1, pen and tracing paper - Jennifer O'Brien


It began with the Hand 2, pen and tracing paper - Jennifer O'Brien


It began with the Hand 3, pen and tracing paper - Jennifer O'Brien


It began with the Hand 4, pen and tracing paper - Jennifer O'Brien

The original drawings will soon be available in our shop, as well as prints of the original works. Contact us if you are interested in these works.

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