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Country Trains

Sydney's Central  Country train concourse is in a constant state of flux, full of travellers with different ideals of a well -planned journey. Steeped in the history of personal and public historical events, people carry their history in their belongings and travel companions. It provides a base for lonely people to sit   in order to gain a sense of belonging as well as a thoroughfare for those busy commuters racing to their place of employment. At different times of day the movement is more intense all the while  providing a place of respite for the  homeless or those begging for aid. It is a platform for emotional outbursts, displays of anxiety and isolation as well as happiness and warm greetings.


At the Station -Shout

(image by Jennifer O'Brien)


At the Station - Passing Through 1

(image by Jennifer O'Brien)


At the Station - Searching

(image by Jennifer O'Brien)


At the Station _ Passing through 2

(image by Jennifer O'Brien)


At the Station - Please Consider Others

(image by Jennifer O'Brien)

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