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Project Kollective Spaces (PKS) is a  creative group  formed in 2017, concerned  with the huge impact that urban development is having on the quality of our environment and the rising tension occurring between our built and natural environments. It is an interdisciplinary group, which brings together creatives from various fields of practice to merge art, technology, design and the natural world. These creatives believe in the effectiveness of art to create change in our society through collaborative practice and action

Puncture 1

The Sky is Falling....

Exhibition September 2017, Bondi Pavilion Gallery, Bondi

The Sky is Falling…  is the first project for the creative group PKS . In this exhibition, Project Kollective Spaces (PKS) explored the huge impact urban development has had on the Sydney area in particular the eastern suburbs and the inner west suburbs of Sydney.  This exhibition focused on the cultural and environmental significance of trees.  Trees, to PKS, will always play a significant and critical role in determining the quality of our environment. Through the use of different mediums, artist explorations, contemplation, perceptions, PKS members  explored various interpretations of the complex-human-tree relationship.The exhibition askedus to observe and acknowledge the everyday beauty of trees, as well as the various ways they can be visually and metaphorically perceived. The exhibition was curated by Jennifer O'Brien and included the following artists: Westconnex Action Group, Rozelle Book Club, RandallWood, Anna Haque, Amadine V., Melissa Maher, Gabbi Lancaster, Jayne Leadbetter, Jeslyne Fung, Jane Wilson, South Coogee Art Club and St Francis of Assisi Primary School, Paddington. 

If you have an idea for a creative project or would like to just discusss an idea we would love to hear from you. 

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