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Precious Fluids Passing

These drawings focus on the visceral aspects of our lived bodies, in particular our vascular and nervous systems and the cultural demarcation of it from our appearance. The sight of blood on the body is seen as something foreign that entails explanation. Blood is a juice feeding our bodies materially and conceptually. It is said to   breathe life into the flesh of the body, and without an adequate blood supply our body parts face ‘death’. Medical illustrations of the body portray it in an individualistic and static position

The body is mapped through the vein system, these works attempt to explore and challenge the fixed landmarks of this cartographic system. There is a commonality embedded in blood that merges our individual systems, this work attempts to explore this. Blood historically has been a symbol of disease, race, gender, violence and religion. These drawings attempts to integrate an element of time, the traces and legacies that remain over time, the weak and the strong appearance of the vascular system in relation to the ‘external’ body and other bodies and spaces.

Attempting to Land in my Body, pen on tracing paper, 60cmW x85cmH - Jennifer O'Brien

Attempting to land in my body
Precious fluids passing (detail)
Precious Fliods Passing (detail)

Precious Fluids Passing, pen on tracing paper (detail) -Jennifer O'Brien

Hands speaking

Hands Speaking, pen on tracing paper, 59cmWx93cmH - Jennifer O'Brien

Where will I land in my body, abstract

Where will I land in my Body, pen on tracing paper, 75cmW x 136cmH - Jennifer O'Brien

Drawings will be available as original and/or prints soon in our shop , contact us if interested in these artworks

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