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Constant Landing (detail) ,drawing by Je

The intervention of contemporary medicine interferes with our conventional views of the the western identified contained body. These series of drawings are inspired by the mapping of our  visceral body but  at the same time challenge the fixed landmarks of this  bodily system.  In these drawings, the visceral organs are displaced, distorted and reassembled.  The drawings  infer the constant interaction and uniqueness of our bodies and the potential for  future modern medical technologies and research to transform our visual representation of the interior lived body.   

Constant Landing, (detail) by Jennifer O'Brien

Constant Landing drawing by Jennifer O'B

Constant Landing, pen drawing on tracing paper, 75cmW x154 cm H

Collective Breathing (detail), drawing i

Collective Breathing, drawing installation  (detail)

Anatomie Drawings by Jennifer O'Brien

Collective Breathing, drawing installati

Collective Breathing, drawing installation , Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Camperdown

Drawings will be available as original and/or prints soon in our shop , contact us if interested in these artworks.

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