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The Sky is Falling.....

Art installation by Jennifer O'Brien at Articulate Project Space, Leichhardt , December 2017

In Sydney today, the frequent sight of orange traffic witch hats, barrier nets, wire fences and no entry signs dominates our urban landscape. In key places of resistance to such development, the appearance of these elements often symbolizes the fatal blow to a green area in Sydney resulting in the decreasing size of canopies of trees in Sydney. The sky is falling on us, there are less and less trees surviving this annihilation.  The sound of chainsaws has not ceased for six years. This has resulted in an urbanistic trauma which Sydney residents have been forced to endure and ignored by those mapping these changes. Changes motivated by reasons of short-term capital gain or masquerading as the necessary environmental “cost” of providing public infrastructure. This work tries addresses these issues.

Installation - Inkjet prints, Photographic collage, Digital frame, Barrier net, witch hat. 

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