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Desiring in Wonderland

Large malls are like large wonderlands of desire and consumption, where the body and architecture of the shopping space inhabit each other. Malls create connections with people who inhabit them, the social groups associated with them and the community at large. In these social spaces the architecture of the mall is a jumbled array of disparate parts and pieces that produce different affects. The shopper, the  inhabitor of this space is in a constant state of movement and flights of departure. This photographic series represents the constant interconnectivity occurring between the shopper/the body and the structural elements of the mall building  where the body is in a constant state of fluidity.


Desiring in Wonderland 1 - Jennifer O'Brien


Desiring in Wonderland 2 - Jennifer O'Brien


Desiring in Wonderland 3 - Jennifer O'Brien

These images  will soon be available in our shop, as good quality prints . Contact us if you are interested in these works.

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